Hutcheson Boat Builders Phone Numbers, Office Hours, Postal Address
Landline: 07 578 8312
(International +647 578 8312)
Facsimile: 07 578 0109

Derek Smith, Boat Building Supervisor - 0272 425 747
Don Mattson, Managing Director - 0274 489 704
Jeff Cashman, Painting Supervisor - 021 806 045

Normal Office Opening Hours: 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday

Postal Address: PO Box 339, Tauranga, 3140.

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Our Location, Tauranga Marine Precinct Hub

We are located at 1 Den Place, Sulphur Point, Tauranga, situated on the water front in the new Tauranga Marine Precinct Hub operated by Vessel Works.

  • Rudder and Keel Repair
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Rudder and Keel Repairs, Tauranga

We repair damaged rudders and keels and can check your keel bolts and steering system to ensure your vessel is seaworthy.

It is important that your vessel has reliable steering. If you are the skipper of a sail boat with a bolt on keel, it is also important that the keel is properly secure and the area of the hull where the keel is attached is in good condition. Accidents such as striking an underwater object can affect the integrity of keels and rudders and will possibly need repairing.

Lightly built sailing boats can suffer from the rigors of the forces applied against the keel and as a result, keel bolts can be damaged, structures can fracture or become unbounded, damage can occur to the hull area of the keel stub and there is the risk of water penetration inside the hull!

  • Looking up at the hull of the yacht showing the seat where the keel was attached. Some work required here.
  • Keel removed from yacht ready for a repair.